Argentinian Cuisine



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beef, salt and pepper...

There's nothing new to what we do. The secret lies in how we do it: Tango's Grilling Masters grill your steak from beginning to end on an open-flame cast-iron grill imported from Argentina.  Our "parrillas" have been perfectly seasoned and curated by grilling meat seven days a week for over fifteen years. 

From the Grill to your table...

The orchestrated synchrony in execution calls for a level of precision that requires  incredible attention to detail. Every order is perfectly timed by our kitchen, so that your steak will never go in a broiler to be finished and  will never sit under a heating lamp or wait to be brought to you. Enjoy over 7,000 combinations, choosing from our various meat cuts, accompaniments, chefs steak sauces and toppings.



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